9. Learning and working collegially

9.4 Communicate educational ideas and promote geographical education, contributing to the resilience and renewal of their professional field.

Focus questions:

  • How do you build on your own and others’ work to advance your knowledge of geography teaching?
Further links and resources

Description of the journal Geographical Education:
Geographical Education encourages school, university teachers and all others interested in geography to share their ideas and experiences in order to promote sound practice, innovative strategies, modern developments and reflection in geographical education.”
Accessed at: http://www.agta.asn.au/Geographical_Education/index.htm (Accessed April 2010) 

Description of the Towards a National Geography Curriculum for Australia project:Towards a National Geography Curriculum for Australia - consultation forums were held in every Australian State and Territory (see images below).


Accessed at: http://www.ngc.org.au/index.htm (Accessed April 2010)

Geographical Association (GA) journals:Geography
For example: Geography, Spring 2010

Accessed at: http://www.geography.org.uk/Journals/Journals.asp?issueID=55 (Accessed April 2010)

Teaching Geography
For example: Teaching Geography, Spring 2010

Accessed at: http://www.geography.org.uk/Journals/Journals.asp?issueID=53(Accessed April 2010)

1. Knowing geography and geography curriculum
Accomplished geography teachers: 
2. Fostering geographical inquiry and fieldwork
Accomplished geography teachers:
3. Developing geographical thinking and communication
Accomplished geography teachers:
4. Understanding students and their communities
Accomplished geography teachers:
5. Establishing a safe, supportive and intellectually challenging learning environment

Accomplished geography teachers:

6. Understanding geography teaching – pedagogical practices
Accomplished geography teachers:
7. Planning, assessing and reporting

Accomplished geography teachers:

8. Progressing professional growth and development

Accomplished geography teachers:

9. Learning and working collegially

Accomplished geography teachers: