9. Learning and working collegially

9.1 Build a culture of professional improvement by learning from and with their fellow teachers as well as learning from research.

Focus questions:
  • To what extent do you discuss issues, share ideas and ask questions of fellow geography teachers?
  • How do you work with your fellow teachers, parents and community members to make sustained improvements to the quality of your teaching and of students’ learning?
Samples of practice

(a) Backdrop:
In this sample, the teacher uses questions to engage the students in a wide ranging discussion about the cyclone (Nargis) which devastated southern Burma on 2nd May 2008. During the lesson she verifies that the disaster has been discussed by her fellow teachers. To what extent does she demonstrate a deepening of her discipline and professional knowledge and a connection with other teachers? 

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Further links and resources

The Australian Geography Teachers’ Association (Inc) [AGTA]:“Purpose - The Australian Geography Teachers' Association (AGTA) seeks to:

  • foster the teaching and learning of geography in Australian schools and enhance awareness of its applications in society
  • promote and circulate the results of research into geography education
  • maintain a professional network through which teachers of geography in Australia may express opinions on educational matters
  • represent the interests of its member affiliates on national education decision making bodies.” 

Accessed at:http://www.agta.asn.au/about_AGTA/index.htm (Accessed April 2010)

Australian Geography Teachers’ Association (Inc) [AGTA] Geography ‘Discussions’ website, which includes:

  • “21st Century Geography in Australian schools”
  • “Spatialworlds blog”
  • “Geographical Association Network”
  • “South African geography teachers network”

Accessed at: http://www.agta.asn.au/discussions/index.htm (Accessed April 2010)

The Geographical Association (GA):“The GA is an independent charity with a core objective of furthering the learning and teaching of geography. The GA promotes and supports geography teaching by producing acclaimed resources for teachers, holding quality CPD events and lobbying government. As a membership organisation it is the members that give the GA its strength. Support us by joining now.” 
Accessed at: http://www.geography.org.uk/ (Accessed April 2010)

1. Knowing geography and geography curriculum
Accomplished geography teachers: 
2. Fostering geographical inquiry and fieldwork
Accomplished geography teachers:
3. Developing geographical thinking and communication
Accomplished geography teachers:
4. Understanding students and their communities
Accomplished geography teachers:
5. Establishing a safe, supportive and intellectually challenging learning environment

Accomplished geography teachers:

6. Understanding geography teaching – pedagogical practices
Accomplished geography teachers:
7. Planning, assessing and reporting

Accomplished geography teachers:

8. Progressing professional growth and development

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9. Learning and working collegially

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