About this site

This site provides access to the nine geography standards and eleven samples of classroom geography teaching. Each of these is designed to offer a basis for professional learning.

Purpose of the standards

The standards are aspirational goals for teaching as the standards are written to describe highly accomplished geography teaching. They articulate common and distinctive elements of the specialised practice of geography teaching.

The standards provide a pathway to explore elements of accomplished geography teaching by providing questions, samples of practice and further links based on each standard.

These standards establish a framework for geography teachers to reflect individually and collectively on their professional practice and engage in continuing inquiry into their own teaching.

Purpose of samples

The samples are film clips of geography lessons with supporting information. They can be used to initiate reflection and discussion about what are the elements of accomplished geography teaching. Groups of teachers across Australia used these samples to help develop the standards and they reported that they were useful in stimulating their thinking about the strengths of their own teaching practice and also in critically analysing ways of improving their teaching.