Professional Standards for Accomplished Teaching of School Geography

Welcome to the Geography Teaching Standards website. Here you will find samples of exemplary geography teaching and comments on this teaching by the teachers and students involved. 

The site is a product of a research project funded by the Australian Research Council, in conjunction with the Australian Geography Teachers’ Association, the Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria and the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

Throughout 2007-2009, we have videotaped accomplished geography teachers at work in government and non-government schools in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Each of ten geography teachers, with a reputation for accomplished practice, has been filmed, across two lessons. Interviews have been conducted with these teachers and their students towards identifying features of accomplished geography teaching. 

This project has developed a dynamic set of standards for teaching school geography, which is built on a platform of classroom practice, and has used these standards for purposes of enhancing teacher professional learning through the website.

View and download the Professional Standards for Accomplished Teaching of School Geography pdf document.